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yet another “vegan”

Posted in rants with tags , , , , , , on October 24, 2011 by jungle

why do i have to suffer this?

people i don’t even know (or, in some cases, don’t even want to know) keep looking at me with the smugness that is the badge of the completely incorruptible, morally superior, supremely ethical transcendent human being.

“i’m a vegan.  i refuse to participate in the exploitation of animals.  i’m a better person than you.”


do you know how many hundreds of animals died in order to bring you that rice on your plate?

how many died to make sure you got the exact grade of cotton to make your shirt comfortable?

i grew up on a farm.

surrounded by rice paddies.

i used to watch the combines push green frogs ahead of them like waves crashing on the beach.

they didn’t seem to be having much fun.

the frogs i mean.

this rib-eye steak i’m having cost one life.

that piece of corn on the cob on your plate took hundreds of animals from a healthy eco system.

i guess it is pretty cool, though, to be able to point to a place in the night sky and say  “i’m from there.”

and the person standing next to you is thinking “i totally believe that!”


your repair techs’ brain on drugs

Posted in rants with tags on March 30, 2008 by jungle

i know this is not a very clear picture but it’s good enough to illustrate the point i want to make. it was taken with a common web cam. not the quality that chastity (not her real name) uses to work her way through college with and the lighting could certainly be better but there it is.
the o-ring on the right is 1.9cm outside diameter just to give you an idea of scale.
it was used to “repair” a DIN connector (used in scuba diving).
the o-ring on the left is the correct one to use in this case.
to be fair, it worked for four months, which is more than enough time for the average tourist to move on to somewhere else before it failed (at depth) and killed them due to letting all of the air spew out of their cylinder (at depth).
someone elses’ problem.
luckily the person this happened to was/is a well trained and well experienced divemaster who knew how to properly respond to this eventuality and made it safely back to the surface with no further problems.
scuba gear is life support equipment for a hostile environment.
take your gear to a certified repair tech.
or go to school and learn to fix it yourself.

new blog home

Posted in rants with tags , , on December 26, 2007 by jungle

well…i’ve gone and moved my blog (not all of it, just this bit so far) from blogger to wordpress.

i must admit to a certain bit of curiousity for some time now but the loyalty in me said “no, no, not just yet;  after all they have been fairly reliable so far.”  apart from a few minor indiscretions (top bits on the bottom, bottom bits on the side and so forth)  they’ve been pretty faithful.

on Dec. 14th all that changed.  they put my blog right out of service because (apparently) their  highly vaunted technical staff found out that they couldn’t deal with the FUCKING TIME ZONE IN BY GOD CARACAS and they won’t be giving a shit about it until they come back from christmas vacation.

what this has to do with me living in honduras has me somewhat perplexed.  anyway i’ve moved into a new home and i think i’m going to like it.

i hope you all had a nice holiday season (whichever one or ones you participate in).

as for you, blogger.

bite me.

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