a new smoker

so, myself and a friend are having a custom built smoker made.

it’s a good sized vertical smoker that will hold 15 chickens or a 4 foot long pig.

(hold on, i’m salivating…or is that salvavating?)

we’ve been doing this for about a month now on another friend’s already built smoker.  two days a week.

we’re using buttonwood which grows wild here and it smells and tastes just like mesquite and, being from Texas (hat over heart) that’s a really good thing.

the unfortunate thing about all this is we sell out every day we smoke so we don’t get to eat a lot of this chicken…actually, none so far.  but we get a lot of good reviews and we sell it all.

one other problem is that the chickens are  hiding in abandoned coops and writing diaries so they are getting harder to find.

it’s a good thing that buttonwood can’t move very easily but it still trembles when we pass.

we’ve already smoked a  pork leg and some chicken breasts but what we’re doing now are whole chickens for takeaway and for use on the Driftwood menu.  i’m on a quest to find somebody with a camera and will be posting pictures.  watch this space.

i’ve already had one woman ask me if i will put her on the smoker if she dies and comes back as a chicken…she promises that she will have nice big breasts…true story.

i think i’m going to get another beer…later on, y’all.



2 Responses to “a new smoker”

  1. Salvavating…heh heh

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