utila honey

one of the things i’ve missed most during my time on this island is honey.

i mean real honey, not that watered down, chemical filled crap you get from Monsanto.

i’m talking about the pure unadulterated kind you get from real bees.  bees that feed on the pollen of real plants that grow in your neighborhood (or at least very close by).

the fact that they just a little africanized is a small price to pay.

i never thought i would ever see that here.

but still… i missed it.

so where did this bottle of real, pure honey that’s sitting on my table in front of me come from?


the savannah of utila to be exact.

and man is it good.  and good for you.

it’s so dark it’s almost black.  it’s thick and it hits the back of your throat like sweet liquid silk.

i thought i’d never experience this here.  but here it is.

so now there are working bee hives on this little island.

in fact there are two sets of bee hives on the island.  one in the aforementioned savannah, the other

in the bush.

the one in the bush is somewhat different given the different pollens available there.

it’s a rich golden color.  so after all this time i not only have real honey available to me but i have two different types

of real honey.

from the same small island.

i wonder how this is going to affect the rest of the fantasies i’ve held onto all this time.












so after all th


7 Responses to “utila honey”

  1. david Says:

    It sounds like a good morning, Jungle. Happy 3rd and 4th of July.

  2. Jeremy Cross Says:


  3. Pinkie Says:

    You are finally back to posting on here. Love the stories and love you Brain.

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