the new world

2012 was not a bad send off of the old world.  i had the extreme pleasure of teaching 11 new scuba instructors with the help of a very capable IDC Staff Instructor from yet another place where everyone talks funny.  it was good to get back to that.

from what i remember, new years eve was a lot of fun (those you tube videos were faked, by the way, just sayin’) and i really felt good about looking up at the sky at midnight with my feet planted firmly in the sand of chepe’s white hole and seeing a few old friends.  i’m getting the sand worms removed this Friday.

2013 has ushered in quite a few changes.

i’ve moved into a new apartment.  a place i really like.  it’s comfortable, clean, (mostly) and has no brown recluse spiders (or any other kind).

i have a lot of time for reading now and i take great delight in constantly annoying my friends to death with my new insights.  (as well as some old ones i’ve taken off the shelf and dusted)

i have successfully repelled a weevil invasion by putting the whole container of flour in the freezer for four days.  they never saw THAT coming! now all i need is a sifter to help get their little dead weevil bodies out so i can make biscuits and gravy again.  with crunchy bacon.

i also have put down a hostile takeover attempt by a cartel of roaches who were intent on squatting in my kitchen.  i treated them to a Raid bomb (i don’t have a problem with biological warfare as long as the cause is just) and promptly disposed of three and a half kilos of roach bodies.

i hung all four of them on the wall outside my front door as a warning to future interlopers.

so far my favorite accomplishment this year is finally becoming comfortable with the blues “A” scale on the guitar.  this calls for a big “thank you” to my pig farming friend for his patience and perseverance.  only five more scales to go.

my computer at home died and i’m looking for a new one.  as i have no clue exactly what kind of computer i need/want this could take some time.

so my current trend of putting large chunks of time between posts is likely to continue for a while.

i’ll be thinking about ya.


8 Responses to “the new world”

  1. So great to hear from you, and so glad to hear news of leaving your arachnid infested home for a place with less deadly insects! Even if you bit a roach at least it wouldn’t bite you back!! Sending love and hugs to the island from South Africa! X

  2. Borrow or steal or cobble together a computer – we all need/want your blogs – and NOT with large chunks of time in between! Love you Jim…

  3. Glad to see you updating, Jungle. Miss you mucho, I love to hear bout your life. Can’t wait to get back and visit with you soon. We’ll make biscuits together, i’m kind of a pro 🙂

  4. dls19788 Says:

    Happy New Year Jungle. I hope all is well down there. I’m chasing a three and a half year old and a 7 month old. I also chase siestas in my office.

    I’ll make it down to say hello one day.

  5. Speedy Says:

    Good to hear(read) from you Buddy!
    Looks like you`re alive!
    Greetings Speedy

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