the winter of my brown recluse

my brown recluse bite (yeah, i said it was a tarantula but that’s just because they’re cuter and stuff, besides, do you people believe everything you hear?  geez, don’t get so touchy for…well, just don’t get so touchy, ok?) is healing nicely in week 9 of “the winter of my brown recluse” and i am (was) almost walking normally.

last night at 10:55 pm i was roused from my nocturnal sojourn through a particularly interesting (at least for me) fantasy (would you like to hear about it?  didn’t think so…) by an intense urge to vacate the space i like to call “my kidneys”.

i swung my legs over the bed, put them firmly on the floor, and jumped back into the bed screaming like a little girl due to the feeling of an intense electric shock running from my right foot to the base of my neck.

i turned on the lamp, saw the offending scorpion, secured the sacred broom handle and slowly crushed the life out of the rat bastard what stung my paw.

then i checked for breathing (for 10 seconds), felt for a pulse, and reached for the O2 kit.

just kidding.  i put the broom handle down and reached for the mop as my heretofore fully laden kidneys now had a surprisingly empty feeling.

anyways, the scorpion formerly known as “Freight Train Turner” is currently a mucilaginous spot on the floor by my fan.

did i mention it was my only uninjured foot?

the Doctor says i’ll be dancing in a few weeks, which is good because i couldn’t do that before.




8 Responses to “the winter of my brown recluse”

  1. Jacquie Kernick Says:

    A rather risky adventure in the middle of the night! Not sure it’s worth the pain just for improved dancing moves… Get better quick AND turn the light on next time you’re going to hop out of bed, AND check out the floor too.

  2. You should be sleeping with combat boots on your feet.

    Take care…. Gene

  3. Just for the record, I would love to see you dance.

  4. Next time you should leave tranquila bar at 03.00am…remember the old days!

  5. Rtbgirl Says:

    You know, it is getting awfully quiet out here….

  6. Speedy Says:

    Whats up with Jungle? would be good to now what is goin on…

  7. Jungle — Believe it or not, you have readers out there all over the place who check in from time to time to see what’s new with you and who really enjoy your updates. I figure that given your luck at the time of the last post, you may have decided that it is too risky to get out of bed even to write a few lines. Saw you last New Years — was an old student at BICD years before and it was good to catch up and hear about new developments on Utila. Hope you are doing ok and hope you get back to posting soon.

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