it’s my birthday

a day for reflection.  contemplation.  studying the zymurgical arts.

remembering friends and good times.

there will be plenty of time for remembering bad times later on down the road so there’ll be none of that today.

i have truly been blessed by the places i’ve been and the people i’ve met and i’m grateful for all that.

i have a greater appreciation and respect for life in all it’s forms.

especially the bacteria that causes fermentation.

today will include a nice sunset, a few cold beers, and a couple of good friends.

interspersed with all that will be fragments of time called forth in memory of all those beautiful souls whose paths have crossed mine.

you know who you are.

i’ll laugh, chuckle, tell a few lies and probably snort beer through my nose.

and i’ll wonder what the hell the big deal was about having a BMW when a plain old BM is much more satisfying.

i miss you all.



4 Responses to “it’s my birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday, Jungle! I should save this and remember it on my next birthday. It’s a great way to think about life.

  2. Ah my dear how I wish I could have been there to get stupid drunk and sing Happy Birthday to you…out of key of course. Love you my friend. (southern dialect).

  3. I wish you could have been here too. Pinky and the Brain have been apart for far too long!

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