fun with math

growing up in an orphanage/farm i never could quite understand why adults thought math was so important.

hell, i already knew all the math i was ever likely to need as far as i could see.

11 eggs to a dozen, 13 doughnuts to a dozen, and doing the dozens.

99 cents was all you needed at the dollar store and there was two bits to a quarter (and that was all you needed for a movie, a coke, and a box of popcorn).

i was only 16 and i was all set.

then one day, blissfully unaware that things were about to get more complex than i could ever have imagined, i stumbled into an algebra 1 class.

i had never seen so many strange symbols all at once.  that chalk board was covered with ’em.

now, being raised in Texas (take off your hat) i knew about brands and marks.

i could recognize mr. chisums “jinglebob” and i knew about mr. kings running W.

i knew mr. c.c. slaughters long S and stephen f. austins fanciful F.

but those things on that board just blew me away.

kinda like this:


i love math.





4 Responses to “fun with math”

  1. Mean Gene Says:

    Enjoyed your post!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mean Gene Says:

    Pretty good, working full time back in Canada, doing a lot of travelling, spend winter 2010 down in New Zealand staying on a friend’s property for 3 months renting snorkel gear and teaching the staff scuba.

    NZ was the best summer since I was a teenager!!!!!

    Hope you are doing okay, it’s your birthday next month in case you forget 🙂

    I do miss the full time diving life, but I try to dive whenever and wherever I can.

    Take care there Jim!!!!!

  3. i’m glad to hear things are good…i hope it keeps up that way…and thanks for reminding me my birthday is coming up…that’s what i was trying to forget! 🙂

    keep it real.

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