i am constantly astounded by the amount of energy people put into tearing each other down.

and it always brings back the same memories.

i used to go crabbing along the jetties of the Texas Gulf coast when i was a boy.

i could sit by myself all day long with a chicken neck tied to a string in one hand, a bucket next to me, a dip net in the other hand, and a world full of adventures running through my head.

i was always the hero in those adventures and good always triumphed over evil.

every single time.

i learned a lot about life, as well.

like, never put the chicken neck too close to your big toe.

never set your peanut butter and jelly sandwich down.  no matter what.

seagulls taught me that.

(i found out later that this applies to beers, too.)

i also found out that you need a lid for your crab bucket because, although a crab doesn’t look very smart, there’s nothing he can’t do when left to his own devices.

he will find a way out of that bucket.  even if he has to knock it over with the force of his own weight.

and it’s almost unbelievable how high he can climb.

given time he will succeed.

the most amazing thing though, is that as soon as you catch the second crab, you can forget about putting the lid back on the bucket because those crabs will then commence to spending all of their time and energy pulling each other down.

ripping and clawing, biting and stabbing.

each one wondering why they can never accomplish anything worthwhile.

and, as far as i can see, people do the exact same thing to each other.

where’s the blue star ointment of life when you need it?

this islands got crabs.



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