a cat

this morning i threw an over-ripe avocado (oh, the humanity!) into the yard hoping it would take root and bring a new avocado tree into the world.

i’ve seen it happen before.

within the next 15 – 20 minutes i observed a hunting gecko, a tarantula, a green iguana, and a feral cat.

two of these things were in my bath (shower for those of you who are not familiar with the caribbean)…i’ll let your imagination figure out which.

the strange thing to me was that the cat was eating the avocado.

i never in my life would have guessed that cats were “heart smart”.

nowhere in my life experience has any observation or experience ever even remotely suggested that cats of any kind were worried about their cholesterol.

but there she was…eating like there was no tomorrow.

she even went back for seconds.

when she noticed me watching her she immediately assumed a defensive posture.

which females of several different species seem to do in similar circumstances.

after a while, though, she just ignored me…(see above).



3 Responses to “a cat”

  1. Look like the rain has gotten the introspective jungle juices flowing again.

  2. lol! i’m back!

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