spiders in the house

so i go home last night, replace the high-tech long life eco-friendly light bulb that burned out with an old-fashioned incandescent bulb that works just fine, and look into the shower to check on my housemate.

she’s in her usual place behind the salva vida crate with another tarantula.

on closer inspection i see that the new spider is a mere shadow of his former self. 

in fact, he’s dead because she has eaten half of him already.

i figure, o.k., tarantulas are cannibalistic and this guy probably stumbled across her territory due to a case of bad judgement.

end of problem.

so i go into the other corner of the room to boot up my computer.

there is yet another tarantula calmly strolling across my keyboard.

this is now starting to concern me.

at least two tarantulas are “in the house”.

now, we’re talking about a room that is roughly 20′  by 18′.

it’s starting to get a little crowded in here.


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