at the bottom of the hill

my new housemate is very quiet, slow moving, and unobtrusive.

she doesn’t like a lot of light and she pretty much takes care of herself.

she has long, curly brown hair with reddish gold highlights.

she likes hanging out in the shower behind the salva vida crate.

(keep it clean!)

she has actually been living here longer than i have but she doesn’t seem to mind the company.

she keeps the house pretty clean and i haven’t seen a roach in the month that i’ve been here.

i have seen roach parts but no actual whole, living roaches.

on a small caribbean island this constitutes a rare and wondrous thing.

my housemate is, of course, a curlyhair tarantula and i can honestly say that, of all the housemates i’ve ever had, she ranks in the top two.

and i’m not exactly sure where in that range she fits.


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