when the smoke clears

the chicken smoking  adventure went so well we decided to do it again.

i can hardly wait.

i’m also excited because the smoker worked like a charm.  i’m now looking for another suitable box to build another one in.

then it’s on to corned beef, pastrami, brisket, ham, and cheese.  among other less well known things.

and although i don’t eat fish (because i’d rather see them on the reef) i’ll be smoking some of the pelagics.

for “friends”.

speaking of “friends” i suddenly have a few new “best friends” who are very interested in my smoking activities.

i know it shouldn’t but it still amazes me just how shallow people really are.

and it’s more than a little insulting that they think i’m stupid enough to believe their crap.


2 Responses to “when the smoke clears”

  1. carrellonutila Says:

    i’ve loved your Texas ass for years.

    so now do i get some smoked cheese?

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