my buddy billy (not his real name) and i are firing up his home built smoker today and doing something a little more interesting with chickens.

watch yourself! not that interesting.

i’m pretty excited about it. home grown chile pequin, a nice rub (kinda sounds like a massage parlour doesn’t it?),
a couple of cold beers…a little bit of heaven.

not bad for a couple of unemployed dudes.

this should waste ( i mean consume) most of the afternoon.

i can guarantee one thing…these chickens will not have died in vain. they will, in fact, be immortalized.

i know, i know…that’s bold talk for a one eyed fat man but i’m standing by that statement.

there’s no food in the world that can’t be improved by smoking. that’s real barbecue.

and if you are properly marinated in beer it tastes even better.

i intend to fulfill all of the above conditions.


One Response to “smoking”

  1. dave stroman Says:

    Happy New Year Jungle. Don’t Inhale.

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