so…you kill a bat.

do you … a) throw it in the bin? 

                   b) throw it in the swamp?

 or ………c) throw it in your sweet potato patch?

apparently i missed the memo that said bats make good mulch and compost.

in other news my cilantro is doing so well i actually had to prop it up today.

maybe i should add a little more soil to the base.

the job search continues on interminably. 

a lot of “suggestions”  from “friends”.  none of them viable.

but i’m meditating a lot these days with a heavy concentration on bringing more overall business to the island.

and me, of course.

and of course i’m doing this with a view toward what is best for all concerned.

all those i owe money to.

i also have a surplus of humility at the moment for those of you who need some.

you know who you are.


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