rainy season

ok, ok, maybe this is just a series of cold fronts.

but it sure feels like rainy season.

wet, muddy, cold (well, cold enough to want to sleep under an actual sheet) and a great time for hot coffee, honey, and rum.

i know, i know, hurricane season isn’t over for a couple more weeks.

i can live with that.

what i’m having trouble with is the fact that my plants aren’t playing nice.

my jalapeno and cayenne peppers are not co-operating, my dill is nowhere to be seen, and there seems to be an imposter in my sage cup.

this is unsat.

so i planted some more sage and dill seeds as well as another cup of cilantro (which seems to be doing just fine).

tomorrow i plant more mustard. that’ll show ’em.

tomatoes are on the near horizon…it’s just a matter of finding the right sized buckets.

oh, the trials of gardening on a small island.


One Response to “rainy season”

  1. Jungle Jim you’re my hero!!!!!!

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