a garden

over the course of this last year i have found myself without work and without currency.

so, i’ve started an herb garden on top of a three storey hotel.

i have india mustard, dill, sage, basil, chile petin, and oregano growing well at the moment.

i have miracle grow, rain water, and even a small compost bucket.

the down side is having to kill at least one doctor fly a day (not that that’s a bad thing, i’ll gladly take the karmic hit).

there is also the problem of the yellowjackets that keep trying to build a nest right over the doorway.
i trust my broom to keep them discouraged.

future plans include potatoes, onions, garlic, and a host of other tea-friendly herbs.

i am currently involved in negotiating pollination activities with the honey bees in the area.

oh yeah, i also have one garlic chive. one.

i’m trying to decide whether it’s the better part of valor to leave it alone and let it go to seed for more chives or to try and scrounge more seeds from erin (not her real name).

this may involve some quantity of rum.

wish me luck.


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