chapter the next

after several pretty much non eventful months at skid row i was fired for not being productive enough.

now i’m in the process of re-opening the pool bar at the colibri hotel.

i’m also in a new place of residence.  the people living there affectionately call it “the commune”.

i have plenty of room for a real garden (even a greenhouse) and plenty of time for puttering around in it.

i envision tomatos, corn, squash, okra, various kinds of peppers, and potatoes for a start.

the oregano is already showing signs of taking over whatever space it can.

great people, great place, great times.

things are looking up.

bacon is next.


2 Responses to “chapter the next”

  1. Have a good weekend Jungle.

  2. Every Commune must have a leader named Jim… it’s in the bylaws.

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