yet another rat in the house.

running up the walls, across the shelves, making bumping and skittering noises in the night.

so i put out a few strategically placed bitter pills along the shelf thinking this would put an end to these rat shenanigans.

just like the last eight rats.  (i keep getting the feeling i’m missing something here.)

after the first day there were only six out of twelve bitter pills left.  excellent, end of rat.

but no.

the skittering was still going on.  another rat?  let’s give it another day or two, these things take time.

three days and there is no end to the skittering.  ok, i can wait a little longer, let us move on to other things.

so i get my cable  and internet hooked up and am happily playing with my computer.

i say to myself, “self (not his real name), why don’t we see if we can hook up the speakers from yon defunct stereo and enjoy a little blues harp.”

excellent idea.

i move the stereo a little further out from the wall.

THE RAT BASTARD (who shall henceforth be known as arby) HAS MOVED THE BITTER PILLS BEHIND THE STEREO!!!

do rats make good bacon?


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