my computer

my computer is possessed.

oh sure, it looks innocuous enough.

shiny, sleek, even user friendly.

however, it seems to have lost it’s grasp of the whole “he who owns the thing versus that thing which is owned” paradigm.

it boots up when it wants to.  it doesn’t when it doesn’t want to.

it shuts down whenever it decides to.

yesterday it refused to play at all.  today it almost jumped to my fingers.  (insert sexual metaphor here)

two nights ago it jumped off of the table onto the floor.

it says i pushed it.

today everything seems to be fine.

it started up the first time i pushed the power button.

it might not start again for a week.  maybe more.

and as if that’s not enough there’s a dragon in my garden.

i picked a bad week to stop drinking.


One Response to “my computer”

  1. Why am I thinking this sounds like an ex-wife??

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