a mystery

this morning i found an egg in the middle of my yard.

a chicken egg.

it was just sitting there surrounded by clear dirt.  the exact spot where i’m planning to put my tomato plants.

there is not a blade of grass, leaf, twig or anything else that might be useful for nesting.

i just stood there for a while staring at it like it was some kind of monolith.

as far as i know chickens always go home to roost.  roosting being associated with egg laying as well as other chicken behavior i find myself perplexed.

is this some cosmic sign?  the beginning of a new cycle?  a symbolic re-birthing?  a hint that it’s time for breakfast?

i don’t know…

…sometimes an egg is just an egg.

i guess now i should get a biscuit and some cheese.


2 Responses to “a mystery”

  1. You got the egg but what about the bacon, maybe it was still running in the bush?

  2. Utlgirl Says:

    …. and bacon 🙂

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