bird peppers

suffice to say;  i’ve had a hard time trying to grow these bird peppers.

they grow all over the island as if by magic.  by themselves.  all they have to do is travel through the digestive tract of a bird.  (no, that’s not why they call them bird peppers;  stay with me here.)

and i was considering doing that myself (in the privacy of my own garden of course).

a few days after planting the seeds with no sproutage happening i was, shall we say, concerned.

but not overly.

after ten days of no apparent progress i slowly started becoming (dare i say it?) alarmed.

after two and a half weeks i lost faith.

i begged, i pleaded, i cajoled, i bantered, i brownnosed.

i inveigled, enticed, soft-soaped, charmed, coaxed, and beguiled.

i tickled, wheedled, induced and prevailed upon.

i spread it on.

after three weeks i gave up.

this morning, a full month later, there are three healthy bird pepper sprouts in my planter.

i am one green-thumbed son of a bitch.


One Response to “bird peppers”

  1. Cindy Lou Says:

    gawd I love you jungle! Yeah, you are a pretty fucking fine son-of-a-bitch!!

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