jungles garden

so today (one of my days off) i decided to putter around in the garden.

i’m trying to grow some tomatos, peppers, and garlic.

the garlic is doing just fine and i’m having a lot of fun chopping up the leaves and throwing them into my food.

good stuff.

the tomatos are doing marginally better and i decided to help them out with a little bit of dried cow shit.

that was a mistake.

i haven’t seen the peppers since i planted them last month.

not only that…i heard some noise in the yard a few minutes ago and it’s some jerk pissing in my yard.


i’m bound and determined to make this garden thing work.  at the moment i’m out of ideas.

i haven’t had anything alcoholic for the last two days.

i’m thinking this may have upset the balance of the universe and, as a result of this impetuous and totally selfish act, the universe has taken away my mojo.

(i also stubbed my toe today…a classic symptom of aggravated mojo loss.)

i can only believe that, in order to restore balance to the universe, i need to have a few beers.

here i go.


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