winds of change

it has been since the middle of october that i left bay islands college of diving and the scuba instruction life.

i now work at a little bar/restaurant called skid row as a bartender/fry cook.

i must say that, although i don’t make nearly as much money, i’m a lot happier without all the lies and backstabbing inherent in life as a PADI course director.

i now live in a great little house with a beautiful yard and garden (thanks, larry) and i actually have fun at work.  not to mention a lot more time off.

my internet access is by the grace of good friends and i’m trying not to overstay my welcome at the keyboard.

my nights and mornings now consist of gardening and rat killing, both of which have their own challenges.

fortunately the banana and papayas are on automatic and produce admirably.

the bird peppers and tomatoes are a little different story and i must learn a little more patience in that arena.

the more pressing issue is the current immigration purge of ex-pats on the island.  several of my friends are on the list for deportation and i probably will end up there as well.

i should have known i couldn’t be complacent for very long.

another challenge and learning experience.


4 Responses to “winds of change”

  1. Good to hear from you Jungle.

  2. Jundle, you sound happy. I was wondering where you were. Take care.

  3. Still alive? Where are you hangin´ around?
    All the best buddy,and take care!!!

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