state of exception

so here we are.

under a “state of exception”

this means that the following articles of the honduran constitution have been suspended:

Article 69:  The right to personal freedom
Article 72:  Freedom of Speech
Article 78:  Freedom of Association
Article 81Freedom of Movement
Article 84:  The right to due process

as a result of this, although passenger flights are still allowed into and out of the country, fewer and fewer tourists are coming in.

the noose around the economic neck of the bay islands is getting tighter.

even e-z-go joe (the island golf cart expert) is walking these days.

pretty much all of the people i hang out with are reprobates or sesquepedalians so i figure i’m violating one or more of these articles every day.

the ex-pats here are starting to band together and take care of each other as best they can in order to see to it that everybody has a place to stay and food to eat.

skid row has perfected the chicken fried bacon strip and there are still ice cold  frosty mugs of salva vida available.  at 20 lempera a piece during nfl games.

you gotta love that.

we’ll see how long the electricity lasts.


5 Responses to “state of exception”

  1. Hang in there Jungle. Wait a few months and there might be a bunch of us leaving and coming your way, from the fire into the frying pan.

  2. sounds good, Dave, it’ll be good to see you again!

  3. Hey Jungle, you might want to think about an update. I know someone that has threatened flying monkeys!

  4. Jungle how have you been, good i hope? I will look forward to the frosty mug a week from Wednesday. It will be the first of many stops, oh wait, what if I don’t leave? Shit happens!!

  5. happy thanksgiving jim

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