more hijinks

so then, mel, coward that he is, snuck into honduras under dark of night, safely tucked behind his children and his wifes’ skirt, ran like a scalded ass ape directly to the brasilian embassy, licked his wounds and immediately called for his “supporters” to risk their lives for him by confronting and prodding the legally installed honduran authorities.

what a man.

so now the whole country is under curfew, nothing is allowed in or out, and stores are starting to empty.

good, honest, hard working people now have to start scrabbling for the next meal to feed their families because of this.

and it’s all being supported by the good ole us of a.

you gotta be shitting me.


4 Responses to “more hijinks”

  1. Mean Gene Says:

    Looks like this months IE is going to be delayed. that sucks.


    10th – 22nd Utila (IE in Utila:22nd/23rd)

  2. not delayed, gene, cancelled. i hear it costs $2400 US to get to honduras right now.

    and the october idc looks pretty shaky, too.

  3. Mean Gene Says:

    Continental won’t be flying down there for a few days, so I can see the horrific expense.

    What a mess!!!!!! Good time for a beach clean up?

  4. Rtbgirl Says:

    Jungle, I’ve discovered one thing about the Brazilian Embassy while in the US…. they’re a lot like a Brazilian Wax… BOTH are a pain in the lower extrmities!

    Now how’s that for a visual you didn’t need 🙂
    Miss you,

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