yeah, i know it’s not even close to easter with esther and her wittle bunny wabbits wunning awound fertilizing everything and everyone.

but i feel resurrected never the less after this “illness”.

over the course of a week and a half i lost over 20 pounds.  for those of you who keep asking why all of the weight seemed to drop off of my face and not my belly here’s the science:

bite me.

the strange part of this whole experience is that i seemed to spend a lot of time hallucinating.  and of that time a lot seemed to deal with my ex-wife.

which is all the more strange since, aside from her lack of a thigmotropic response, there really wasn’t much of interest about her.

maybe it’s a center of the galaxy alignment thing.

giants my ass.

go boys!


One Response to “resurrection”

  1. Flying monkeys recalled… for now…

    AND I got to go look in the big book for a new word! One that didn’t even involve bacon!!

    You ARE feeling better.

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