the blogging business

now, now there’s no reason to get nasty.

i’ve been sick for the last four days (physically).  the upside is that i’m loosing weight (or my pants are expanding.

in fact, though, this may be my last official blog for a while what with obama and hillary fuelling the chavez train.

president michelleti has announced that honduras has about 5 months worth of food left.

none of that is earmarked for ex-pats.

dive shops are starting to shut down and ex-pats are being told by the immigration officer that if they do leave the country they may not be allowed back in.

i wish i could be funnier but this fever and headache is beating me down.

hasta luego.


7 Responses to “the blogging business”

  1. Mean Gene Says:

    Get well Jungle….

    Anyone know what dive shops are shutting down?

  2. Dr. Cris Corley Says:

    Hey don’tworry, be happy. The president is not going to punish the people. The threats of cutting USAID will not happen. I worked on the Obama election from the get go and he will not let people go hungry. I will fire off a letter to the president, my senator and congressman. I plan on visting Utila and looking you up. The last couple of trips I have been in Catacamas and working the Putuca Rios with the health department. I am planning a trip to check on the clinic and what are the needs in Utila. I understand that Dr. John is a great assest. I think he is is an exped. and I don’t think ya’ll want to loose him. Please be patient and keep everyone on Utila cool. No time for panic.
    Dr. Cris- Tennessee

  3. Mean Gene Says:

    INTERNATIONAL BACON DAY Sept 5th and no posting, Jungle must REALLY be under the weather.–Celebrate-International-Bacon-Day

  4. Yep, but we had a Jungle sighting yesterday!

  5. there’s an international bacon day? Well, I’ll be damned. I’m feeling like Jungle left some pretty holes in my bacon education.

    • maureen, maureen…any body who has sat through my class knows…EVERY day is international bacon day. only the amateurs designate one day per year.

  6. Ok Jungle,

    You were well enough to eat a Ribeye, use the word ‘Bacon’ in 3 consecutive conversations & toss out yet another big word I had to go look up…. time for another blog.

    Don’t make me get out the flying monkeys!

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