another IDC in Utila

another IDC.

two students in this one.

both highly motivated.  this alone portends a class that will be a lot of fun.

it also means we’ll get in a few fun dives because we have 12 days to finish a seven day class.

fun times.

in the meantime the curfew has been pushed back to 11pm and the word is that it will end on sunday.

good news.

pass the word to all your compadres that honduras is still as peaceful and welcoming as it always has been.

with all the millions mel stole from these people they could sure use the help of a few tourist dollars right now.

the water’s warm, the breeze is cool, and the whale sharks are here.

take a well deserved break from your hard work.

come to the islands, brah!


6 Responses to “another IDC in Utila”

  1. Mean Gene Says:

    Hear, hear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,_hear

  2. Maureen Says:

    Ha – found it. Ready for day 2 of IE!

    If I pass there’s a lb of bacon with your name on it.

    Actually, can bacon be bought in Utila???

  3. Utlgirl Says:

    Isn’t it about time for a Bacon blog?

    I find it highly amusing that Maureen (not her real name), who is a raw Vegan, now knows more about bacon from an 11 day IDC than I do as a carnivore 🙂

    • Instructor Maureen (not my real name) Says:

      Lucky for Jungle, bacon can be bought in Utila. There are even two brands to choose from.

      I bought the thank-you bacon and I must admit it made my raw vegan stomach churn, but one can’t blame the bacon for that. Jungle would be the first to point out that one should only blame the people who pried open my jaws and forced me to drink copious amounts of random alcohol last night after passing the instructor exam.

      I would certainly read a Bacon Blog. I would read anything Jungle wrote!

  4. UTLgirl Says:

    LMAO!!! So That’s what all that noise from the bar was 🙂

  5. Mean Gene Says:

    This bacon blog gets two oinks of approval… oink oink.

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