independence day

normally a time of celebration for hondurans and american ex-pats alike today wears a different face on this little island of utila.

there is still celebration but not because of the united states and its eternal vigilance in the defence and nurturing of freedom.

it’s because of the stance this small country, the poorest in latin america, has taken towards democracy.

in what is believed to be one of the most corrupt countries in the world the honduran supreme court, congress, and military did everything by the book, exactly the way their constitution said it had to be done.

they took the required steps they needed in order to get rid of the cancer that is chavez and zelaya.

and to what end?  freedom.

what price will they pay?  isolation.

isolation from the very country they looked up to as a bastion of democracy.  a country who refuses to even consider a study of the evidence against chavez and zelaya.  an avowed enemy of the united states on one hand and a more than willing puppet/acolyte on the other.

in fact, the united states supports these two hyenas while, at the same time, turning a completly deaf ear to an old  friend who, at times, was the only friend the united states had in this part of the world.

but that’s ok.

because if the united states is too tired to continue carrying the torch, honduras is more than willing to pick it up and take their place as the light of freedom for the world.

do you hear that sound?

it’s the sound of  john wayne and thomas jefferson spinning in their graves.

happy fourth of july.eaglemouse


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