winds of change

the day after the change in honduran leadership looms quietly and, on the surface, it’s business as usual.

the fact that hugo chavez has threatened  military action against this country comes as no surprise to anyone.

he’s a megalomaniac with delusions of grandeur and this is going to put a crimp in this part of  his cocaine highway.

what is troublesome to the people of this little island is the fact that obama and clinton are taking sides with chavez, ortega, and fidel against what hondurans have done in accordance with their own constitutional law.

maybe hillary believes that, since her husband is above the law, her buddy mel is too.

before you judge these people you should know that, during mels’ term, honduras has achieved a record level of homicides in latin america as well as putting the price of basic essentials out of reach of the average citizen.

so they’re pretty happy about what has happened here.

what they’re not happy about is going to war against the united states in order to support a wanna be dictator.


2 Responses to “winds of change”

  1. Utlgirl Says:


  2. Lindsay Says:

    With the little knowledge I have of Honduran politics, I attempted to explain somwthing like this to a few people who were asking me about this(oh joy!).

    Maybe I’ll just direct them here.

    Good luck down there.

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