a new vision

it seems the local methodist church decided to come down to the island with a medical brigade and provide everyone who needed them with glasses.

i was thinking that , since i was in the market for a few new beer mugs, i’d go down and see what they had.

it turns out these were the kind of glasses that actually make you see clearer, not the other way round.

anyway, i now have a new pair of spectacles.

on the surface of things you might think this would be a good thing.

the problem is that i can see clearly enough now to see just how ugly my friends are.

and if they are that ugly, well…

this necessitates the implementation of a new ARMS (Avoidance of Reflective/Mirrored Surfaces) policy effective immediately.

i’ll only be going outside at night for a while.


3 Responses to “a new vision”

  1. ScubaTV Says:

    You know the solution….. Bacon (Salva Vida) Then we can call you a day walker again.

  2. Mean Gene Says:

    Sounds like you need to rub bacon on your new glasses.

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