up on the roof

(this is a test of the “send a blogpost to your blog from your e-mail account” system. should this have been an actual posting it would have been made through the normal process. you may now return to your normal internet random surfing pattern.)

this weekend (today and tomorrow) marks the beginning of the latest incarnation of the roof top bar and cafe at bay islands college of diving.

featuring cheap beer (bacon), breakfast offerings (bacon), spectacular sunsets (bacon) and star sightings (bacon).

not to mention some of the biggest lies told throughout the entire history of mankind.

such as: “I’m not drinking tonight.”
“I’m leaving in the morning.”
“I love you.”

some of our offerings might include (but will not be limited to) the ever popular beer battered double meat deep fried cheeseburger,the bacon bloody mary, and the veggie burger with bacon.

then again they might not.

this ends our test of the “send a blogpost to your blog from your e-mail account”

thank you both for reading.


4 Responses to “up on the roof”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    I might just have to come down to sample these wonderful goodies.

  2. you should…you were there when they were born.

  3. Lindsay Says:

    I know.

    I’m working on saving the money. It’s just not possibly to survive here on what I was living on down there *sigh*

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