ok, i think i’ve made the adjustment to all of these earthquakes and tremors.

i  am now capable of waking up, registering in my mind that it is, in fact, an earthquake, and rolling back over into a nice, albeit shallow, sleep.

mother nature, noticing that i am, in fact, adjusting, has decided on another tactic.

she has now taken to throwing mangos at my roof.

this particular variety of mango is called, locally, the common mango.  it’s about the size of your fist and is more of a nuisance than a food.  unless you happen to be an iguana or a mud crab.

last nights episode was such that, when i left my place this morning, i had to literally kick mangos out of the way just so i could walk to the street.

added to that is the quaint little fact that the doctor fly is ubiquitous when the mangos are ripe and you have a pretty effective method of psychological torture combing sleep deprivation, tripping, and painful fly bites.

i don’t think my mom likes me anymore.


2 Responses to “adjustments”

  1. Mean Gene Says:

    Welcome to paradise..

  2. UTLgirl Says:

    And then there’s the aroma of the rotting mangos in the heat…. Mango Marguerita it ain’t 😦

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