there i am…thinking…”why is it sometimes so hard to accomplish the things i want to accomplish?  it’s not like i have large goals.  i’m a simple human being who only wants the things that would make a simple human being happy.”

so i go back to the simple times of my youth (when rainbows were still in black and white and tv was a series of hand sketched flipcharts that you flipped through really fast between your forefinger and thumb) and thought about how satisfying those tomato sandwiches were when we didn’t have anything else to eat (except for the odd grub or the perfectly normal catfish).

i still had more than half a day of sunlight so i deemed it appropriate to begin the hunt for the elusive tomato.

after several hours of tracking i decided to rest.

then, suddenly, there it was; a glimpse of red through the brown, dried out frond of a long dead clump of celery!

i leapt up, threw open the cooler door, and grabbed my quarry firmly about the middle section (being careful to keep my fingers free of the sharp teeth hidden cleverly beneath the stem) and flung it into my shopping bag before it had a chance to react!

victory was mine!

back in my humble cave, basking in the afterglow of a successful hunt, in the light of another world class sunset, i had the best bacon (you didn’t think i was going to leave out the bacon, did you?) and tomato sandwich i’ve ever had.

it’s true.

it’s the simple things.


3 Responses to “atittude”

  1. UTLgirl Says:

    I’m ‘assuming’ the bread was from a prior day’s hunt? Lord knows it can take days to locate a semi fresh, non-soap smell infused loaf of bread!

    Ahhh, the little things.

  2. you know those little white spots it gets just before it turns green?


  3. UTLgirl Says:


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