instructors in paradise

alice&tashatwo more instructors at BICD!

alice and tasha are now ready to take over the world one open water student at a time.

they look so nice here, don’t they?  almost human.

but then you’ve never seen them at cheap beer night.

or at beer dog night.

but wait!

i have pictures!over 10 served

this is tasha and jack lining up for jungle jims’ internationally famous

beer dogs.

just look at those smiles!

(don’t ask about the hot tub in the background, it’s actually the BICD


another beer dognot to be left out, alice queues up as well.

and beer dogs were enjoyed by all!

there was one other person involved in this idc but she couldn’t make the


unfortunately, she had other plans that didn’t include us.

Luke16ashe ultimately entered the witness protection program and chose a life of anonymity as an SSI instructor.

we’ll miss her.

especially the dogs.



4 Responses to “instructors in paradise”

  1. Mean Gene Says:

    Bacon beer dogs = heaven

  2. You forgot to make mention of how I look during “Monkey Ball” nights….far more spectacular than cheap beer nights. Miss you, Jungle!

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