IDC in paradise

so here we come up on yet another IDC.

one more group of people for whom the daily drudge of making somebody else rich is simply no longer good enough.

it’s time to do something for themselves.  a time for exploring a totally different world.  a time for living the dream.

a time for spiritual things.

in less than three weeks their lives will have changed totally.

they may not be making as much money as they did before but i can guarantee that they’ll never look back.

because once you’ve seen that look of wide-eyed total awe on a newly certified Open Water diver you can’t look back; can’t go back; can’t stop smiling.

you’ve not only changed your life; you’ve changed somebody else’s.

that’s a much more powerful motivator than making another payment on your boss’s mortgage.

and you can bet your bacon on that!


5 Responses to “IDC in paradise”

  1. Janina Says:

    where did you copy/paste this bullshit from, jungle? they all do it to get laid!

  2. Mean Gene Says:

    This posting gets 2 oinks of approval!!!

  3. UTLgirl Says:


  4. philistines!

    have you no appreciation of irony?

    actually, i’m thinking of entering this post in the PADI Go Pro contest.

    what do you think?

    cha ching!

  5. Mean Gene Says:

    P ut
    A nother
    D ollar
    I nn

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