easter sunday

partly cloudy, a little on the warm side, nice breeze, quiet.

most of the tourists seem to have gone back to the mainland while the locals were just making their way home a couple of hours ago.

i’ve answered both e-mails i got today and have no class. (you can interpret that any way you please)

even the geckos are calm today and only one ant came for water when i brushed my teeth.

a friend of mine summed it up this way “thank you jesus for good friday, a great day for us; a bitch lick for you”.

every day i understand a little more clearly why he chose the cross.

this is not a very welcoming world.  hard to get into and , once you’re here, you’ve gotta watch your back every minute.

disneyland for demons.

but, as john prine said, “fortunately, i have the key to escape reality”.

i think i’m just gonna roll the stone away from this tomb and head on down to the driftwood cafe and wash away some of these resurrection blues.

thank you, jesus.


4 Responses to “easter sunday”

  1. glad to see you’ve been reborn… be sure to thank jesus for all those salva vidas

  2. drew!

    what do you mean RE-born? i’ve never had a problem with jesus; after all, who could have a problem with a guy whose first miracle was turning water into wine?

    and i always thank him for the beer; the root word for salva is, after all, salvation.

    hope you had a great easter (you gotta love those bunnies!)

  3. yeah maybe we’ll head down to the sea of Galilee for a little miracle wine ourselves… actually Jenny tried to email you about diving over on this side of the puddle… did you get it?

  4. UTLgirl Says:

    Oh Jungle…..

    IE is over, reprieve is done, face paint is coming out…

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