greed was the most obvious thing to be resurrected this week and the highlight of the many options available was brought to us by the guy from the cays who decided to put 21 passengers into a 23 foot skiff and take them (against an east wind) to the big island.

this reporters’ source revealed that no one was seriously hurt in the incident.

scrapes and cuts from the coral (which will probably result in quite a few nasty infections since these people now have decaying animal matter in their wounds and since they don’t have any more sense than to get into an obviously overcrowded boat there is no reason to believe that they will bother tending to those wounds) and a marinating motor appear to have been the only casualties.

ah but the week-end has just begun.

i’m pretty sure the people who brought us breakneck motorcycles on already overcrowded streets will think of something a little more spectacular.

“more rum for jesus!”


One Response to “easter”

  1. UTLgirl Says:

    Damn! I thought it was wine I was supposed to drink!
    Blood of my blood, rum of my rum. Ok, got it now!

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