semana santa

so there i was waking up in a sweaty (yes, i’m sure it was sweat) bed listening to the happy sound of generators all over the island.

generators happily braying back and forth to each other as if in celebration.

and you know what that means boys and girls.

yes!  it’s semana santa!

the hottest week of the year so far (did i mention that the folks on the mainland are burning all of their fields in preparation for planting season and the smoke likes to visit the islands, too?) and the island has no working generator for electricity.

“well, uncle jungle,” you might ask, “how does a business that charges it’s customers up front for it’s product manage to not have enough money to produce that product?”

well, kids, the answer to that is:  i don’t have a fricking clue.


still, we’re not required to bow and kiss the kings’ ring just yet so i’m still happy.

now where did i put that bacon?


One Response to “semana santa”

  1. UTLgirl Says:

    Why do I have a feeling I’ll find you sneaking onto our Futon one night this week!

    Besides, why were you even TRYING to sleep? It’s SEMANA SANTA, beer all night long!

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