sunday funday


these are the airheads i’m hanging out with today while everyone else in the shop is doing this:



both of these pictures represent an accurate depiction of what goes on on sunday funday at bay islands college of diving.

the problem is:  i’m always in the first one and everyone else is in the second one.

i’ve come to realize that this is nothing short of a travesty of justice and only underscores the penuriousness of my spiritual well being.

everyone else is diving, swimming with whale sharks, drinking beer, playing ultimate frisbee on a private beach, and eating bbq (in that order).

and i’m in the shop feeding sandflies.

i’m feeling all left out and more than a little postal.

now where did i leave that automatic weapon?


3 Responses to “sunday funday”

  1. UTLgirl Says:

    And you wonder why we hid your taser?

  2. i wondered where that went…

    …now if i could just get an automatic taser…

  3. Utlgirl Says:

    Nope, and it ain’t got no remote neither 🙂

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