witless protection

last sunday i was visited by my local crackhead “friend” at work.

he was spewing about accidentally stabbing some other crackhead and he needed 500 lempira ($25) to pay for the aforementiond crackheads stitches.

i didn’t have the money so he and the other idiot decided to set me up as the stabber and threaten to have the police put me in jail.  he did this by throwing a pen knife on the gurney where i work and hoping i would pick it up and put my fingerprints on it.

i think he’s been watching too much csi: hog waller.

when that didn’t work they decided to strong arm me and commencing to yell for the police.

so i went to a friends’ office and put myself into the “witless protection program”.

it protects people from witless idiots.

my friends both happen to be US (unsuspecting sitisen) Marshalls so they let me sit with them for a couple of hours until the heat died down.

what a place!


2 Responses to “witless protection”

  1. you should see if you can get the guy who got his arm nearly lopped off with the machette in 2004 to join your team.

  2. UTLgirl Says:

    Hi ‘Overgrown Forrest James’…. sorry, we’re on a budget, all the good AKA’s are taken 🙂

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