propane tank

so there i was, happily humming the melody of  “holy wars” by megadeath in anticipation of cooking a nice pot of beans when, much to my surprise, the stove wouldn’t light.


by now my mind has switched to “darkest hour” and i’m on my way outside to check the status of my propane tank.

i pull the cover back and find that someone has crawled out of some slime pit somewhere and replaced my “half full” tank with his “all the way empty” tank.

you gotta be shitting me!

by now it’s time for “symphony of destruction”.

what kind of dirty, low down, egg sucking dog would steal a mans propane tank!?

a voice inside my head says “take a deep breath, jungle.  remember to stop, breathe, think, and act.”

seems like good advice.

stop – put the tank outside by the door.

breathe – i’d almost forgotten how sweet gun oil smells.

think – you’ve got about a six inch drop on this thing at 100 metres.

act – a nice slow pull.

“peace sells”


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