the quest continues

in my quest to deny even an inch to the current nefariousness of the attempted coup of vegemite over peanut butter i took yet another bold step today.

i ate a packet of reeses’ peanut butter cups.

i know, i know but any sacrifice for a just cause such as this (please, no applause) demands that a man stand up for what he believes in.

also, in my quest to make a better vodka (i might be spreading my self a little thin here) i spent more than 20 minutes looking for a mason jar (i want to do this right).

no luck.  we may be just a little further south of that line than i thought.

or maybe i could just ask a mason.  manana.

i also spent a little time looking for a suitable jalapeno pepper and i think i found one in the back of my sock drawer but the dna results haven’t come back yet.

i have found a suitable spot for the gestation period (as well as all of the amenities) required of my vodkastein creation but there’s already a 24 pack of salva vida there.

i guess i know what my homework for tonight is.


3 Responses to “the quest continues”

  1. Oh let me guess…. the wicker cooler? I have to admit, you have inspired me.

    Reassured by the continued absence of your name in obit notices (and your presence at the beer thirty staff meetings), I bravely had not one, but 2 slices of peanut butter toast! Woe is me…. I wish you had bothered to include the legal disclaimer as low end brands such as us poor folk get are not included in your testing.

    I’m feeling week, I can’t speak… oh wait, that’s cause my toungue is stuck to the roof of my mouth.

    Never mind 🙂

  2. OK, silly question – what is a salva vida?

    • it’s a really nice little honduran beer, chilled to perfection at -4 C. literally translated it means “life saver”; a very appropriate name at about sunset time.

      an almost religious experience, really.

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