the first six weeks of 2009

so far the beginning of this year has been a mixed bag.

pro – my apartment was repainted.

con – pink …  or salmon or … something else roseate.

pro – my apartment door is nice and solid with a deadbolt lock.

con – it has a big glob of bird shit right in the center of the upper panel.  (nice shot!)

pro – i haven’t seen any blood or chicken feathers around my door.

con – it could still be some kind of santoria ritual.  (note to self:  find out more about santoria.)

there have been other notable happenings but i will refrain from discussing them for a couple of good reasons:

1) you already know about them (the plane! the plane!)

2) discretion (or cowardice) is the better part of valor.

the second point is important because it reflects a departure from my original mission regarding utila.

i now believe that the world (and even the vermin who befouls it) is so fucked up as to actually be interesting.

i’ve slept through a lot of it already.

i don’t want to miss the ending.


One Response to “the first six weeks of 2009”

  1. Hell I thought that was a door knocker!

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