idc 2009

here we go again.

another year, another idc, another under-the-surface struggle.

i have four students this month after everything shakes out.

i was expecting six but two never showed

i see the hand of the nefarious dr. evil in this.  he truly believes that all of the students in the world (as well as all the money in the world) belongs to him by divine right.  truly.

i have 50 lemps. that says that just ain’t so.

(although i do sometimes have the strangest urge to just give him all my money.  hmmm. i gotta cut back on those mushrooms.)

anyway, this group is a lot of fun so far (they usually don’t start to whine until the last two days before the ie) and i will take great delight in knowing that dr. evil won’t be getting ALL the money this month.

you know he’s really not a bad guy (he does drink a beer now and then; sometimes he even buys) but he’s still evil.

and that’s the biggest kick by far that i get out of teaching these classes.  (besides the fact that i love to teach)

he gets more than the lions share for sure.  but he doesn’t get it all. 

and that’s my quest.


3 Responses to “idc 2009”

  1. I think I met ‘Ms. Evil’ last night!

  2. Yes you did, she was on the other corner of the bar.

  3. Oh Jungle…

    Just because I haven’t pestered you in awhile does NOT mean I’ve forgotten about you 🙂

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