the new year…

… keeps getting worse.

for a week now the whole island has been out of bacon.

and the supply boat is still at least three days out.

oh, the walking around kind is still here but there is none in the shiny plastic packages that i’m used to.

first a salva vida shortage and now this.

and what is this about “turkey bacon”!?  is this some kind of quantum mechanics thing?

i can deal with an alternate reality that re-unites me with an ex-wife but i will not stand still for a reality without bacon!

you gotta be shitting me!

it’s almost more than a man can stand.

i’m starting to think about buying an old postal uniform and an automatic weapon.

i actually dreamed last night of chasing a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich down the street.  it was always just out of reach.  like true love.

i woke up to a vegemite sandwich having been spread around in my bed.

(at least i THINK it was vegemite.  tasted like it.)


2 Responses to “the new year…”

  1. UTLgirl Says:

    That was you in the street??!!!

    We really gotta learn to work as a pack 😦

  2. Oh Jungle…. it’s been awhile now…..

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