christmas morning

’twas the night before christmas and all through the house

not a creature was stirring ‘cept me and the mouse.

the dirty dishes were stacked in both sinks with care

in hopes that the dirty dishes fairy soon would be there

jungle was nestled all snug in his bed

while  visions of salvas danced in his head

the geckos were tucked in between the wall gap

i had just taken off my dirty old cap.

when out in the gravel in front of my door

the lizard people started a terrible uproar

at first i thought “a scrap or a fight”

then i heard singing deep in the night

“you gotta be shitting me!”  i jumped up and said

“hey! there’s an old fat man asleep in this bed!”

they woke up the geckos, the roosters and all

and i’m sure they will crow at least ’til next fall.



the song they woke me up with?

“silent night”

in german.

cookies and milk.


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  1. JB & Bratz!

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