christmas in paradise

it’s sometimes difficult to figure out which is the best thing about the week of christmas here on this little island.

the balmy weather, flat warm seas, spectacular sunsets, and world class visibility all vie for your attention but this week they have to take a back seat to the magnificence of the whale shark.

it’s almost an every year guarantee.

todays main course was a 15 foot and an 18 foot whale shark  followed by a pod of spinner dolphins.


in other news the tranquila bar is building another little bar on the end of their deck along with an elevated deck for better sunset viewing and ice cold salva vida drinking.

another reason you gotta like christmas here.

(why do people think i want to talk to them when i’m in the middle of my blog?  is “people person” tattooed on my forehead?  do i have chaplains bars on my shoulder?  you gotta be shitting me!)

but enough of this.

it’s way past time for a sunset beer.

have a merry christmas and a happy new year!

yeah, whatever.

what’s a guy got to do to get a beer in this place?


3 Responses to “christmas in paradise”

  1. Merry Christmas Jungle.

  2. Jeez, 1st ya bitch about people talking to you during your blog… like asking if you need a beer… then you bitch because she doesn’t ask & you don’t have a beer.

    What, did you trade your chromosones? Only we women get to do that!

  3. Hey, where’d the big button go 🙂

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