chili cook-off

it’s official.

the utila lodge chili team won the third annual driftwood bar and grill chili cook-off.

congratulations greg and billy (their real names).

it’s the first time in three years that an actual chili (ie. no beans, no vegetables, no whining) took first place in the cook-off.

to be fair there were wide spread rumors about a certain amount of whining.

we won’t go there.

the confusion about what constitutes a competition chili apparently stems from the fact that most of the competitors as well as the judges have suffered from two afflictions:

1) they are unable to google “chili cookoff rules”.

2) They are damnyankees and, as such, should not be allowed within 500 yards of a chili cookoff.

i’m just sayin’.

i can say with some authority that the first place chili was damn good as i was lucky enough to snag a bowl of it myself.

i give it four out of five methane clouds.

i, personally, was unable to participate this year due to an extremely rare alignment of the planets corresponding with an equally extremely rare bout of responsibility.

i had to work.

i am, therefore, issuing fair warning to any and all who are even thinking about next years contest.

because my chili is so hot it makes the devil scream for water and so tasty it makes the angels cry because they can’t have it every day.

no brag, just fact.


One Response to “chili cook-off”

  1. And it was GOOD!!

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