the new crib

it’s official.

i moved into my new apartment today.  it’s bigger and more comfortable (read “quaint”) than the last one.

at half the price.  what’s not to love?

the floor plan is dictated by the lie of the fence, the way the tree leans, and the meandering of the path through the property.

i had the required moving in lunch (chili dawgs); put the required Jim Beam Black Label on the mantle.  (a little less than it came with.)

muchichimas gracias to billy and erin (not their real names) for that little touch.

and the local solar system has arranged a nice little display of a crescent moon, venus and jupiter all in a neat little line.

the universe has even added a nice, thoughtful gift to add a little spice to the significance of the day.

“they” (you know who you are) have discovered a molecule of sugar (glycolaldehyde) in a quieter neighborhood of the milky way. (i’m not sure what took them so long; everyone already knows that a milky way has sugar in it.)

26000 light years away.  (i wonder if “they” ever look into that strip club in bangkok.  you know the one.)

but it’s a big deal to “them” because this is apparently a basic building block of RNA.  (my regular reader will have to look that up just like i did.)

this means “alien” life forms are looking a little more probable than they did yesterday.

again; “they’re” just a little late on this front because, as nicole has pointed out they (aliens) are already among us.

i guess “they” need to justify their funding in order to continue their research.

“they” have obviously forgotten the federal reserve mandate that says: “if you’re REALLY, REALLY, REALLY incompetent and un-ethical congress will give you more money than you can count just so you can continue shafting the entire world and everybody in it…except you and congress that is.”

still, i do appreciate the gesture the universe has made here because it gets my mind off of the RAT BASTARDS THAT ARE DOING THIS TO US!


One Response to “the new crib”

  1. Nicole is right. They’re among us! I CERTAINLY had the biggest Klingon yesterday morning renewing my faith in the level of incompetence available to man.

    Well, i guess if you’re going to do something, you should do it well, even if ‘it’ is incompetence 🙂

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